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14 Ocak 2020

A Courtesy Visit by U.S. Ambassador to Mayor Imamoğlu

Mayor Imamoglu stated that the request for the visit came from Mr. Satterfield himself and said, “I wish a very successful period in the relations between the […]
13 Aralık 2019

Mayor İmamoğlu: “We Have Reduced Debt and Increased Investment Revenues in Istanbul”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu submitted 2020’s consolidated budget of 25,9 billion TL to the City Council of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and gave information about […]
11 Aralık 2019

Mayor İmamoğlu speaks at Marine Workshop: “Canal Istanbul is a subject of science, not of politics”

Organized jointly by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and its subsidiary marine transport company City Lines Inc., the workshop focused on finding solutions to increase the […]
3 Aralık 2019

Mayor İmamoğlu Meets With Ambassadors From 27 EU States in Ankara

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu got together with the ambassadors of 27 EU countries in Ankara upon an invitation by Ambassador Mr. Christian Berger, Head of the […]