Together with Berlin Mayor Mr. Michael Müller, I was awarded the ‘Kybele 2019’ German-Turkish Friendship Award in Berlin on November 8.

During my visit to Germany this week, we held a meeting with German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz in Berlin. Following the meeting, with my wife Dilek İmamoglu and Muammer Keskin, District Mayor of Şişli, I attended the Kybele German-Turkish Friendship Award ceremony. I appreciate the great enthusiasm and applause I met in the hall.

The award was presented to me by former German President Christian Wulff. In his speech during the ceremony, Wulff said, “The spirit I witnessed during the fall of the Berlin Wall – I witnessed the same in Mr. İmamoğlu’s two-time election victory. I saw him make people come together. This was something new. You surprised everybody. Turkish-German relations will surely grow stronger as a result of this. I love Turkey very much. I love the flexibility of the Turkish people.”

Upon receiving the award, I expressed my happiness to receive the award, and to be in Berlin –a sister city of Istanbul– on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, “I would like to thank those who signed up for the sisterhood of our cities 30 years ago. Let me be the harbinger of the good news to Berlin, Istanbul and to my compatriots living here that our sisterhood will grow even stronger, closer and more eager from now on.”